About MMCW

MultiMedia CraftWorks provides Music and Sound Design for the entertainment, film, television, radio and video game industries, as well as private projects where original music or sound effects are necessary.

MultiMedia CraftWorks works with talent from around the globe, harnessing technology for the creation of audible art. The internet allows composers from different regions to work together on a composition, as well as enabling MultiMedia CraftWorks to deliver the final product fast.

The music of MultiMedia CraftWorks spans many genres including Ballads, Orchestral, New Age, Jazz, Electronic, Industrial, Game Music, and Classical. Our composers are capable of creating music in a wide variety of genres, mix them together, and come out with exciting, original works for each project.

We work with top quality music libraries in order to provide music through the channels that the industries are used to working with, as well as provide our own publishing. Music can be licensed or bought outright, depending on the clients’ needs and budget.

Our talented staff of Composers and Sound Designers are highly proficient in cutting edge, top of the line music and video production software and hardware.

What can MultiMedia CraftWorks do for your project? Contact Us today to discuss the possibilities!

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